Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camille's Forever Family

Kuya Jason, age 9.

Ate Lauren, age 8.

Kuya Daniel, age 5.

Kuya Kyle, age 3.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

LOVE at first sight!!!

This is Camille's referral picture that was included in her packet. Mark had surprised me because he had picked up the packet earlier in the day and didn't tell me that we got our referral. He came home with some flowers and her picture was in a little frame. He started video taping me and I had no clue what he was up too. To my surprise he finally shows me her picture and tells me "This is your little girl". WOW!!! That was my first thoughts and feelings. I couldn't believe she was real. We waited 16 months for a match made from HEAVEN. Well worth the wait!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello! Let us introduce ourselves.

Welcome to our very first blog. With this blog, we will try to keep everyone updated on our adoption journey. We've never blogged before, so forgive us in advance as we learn as go. We'll try to post photos and videos as much as possible, but like we said ... we're totally new to this.

Anyway, as you already know, we are Mark and Regina. We have four biological children, Jason (age 9), Lauren (8), Daniel (5) and Kyle (2). We are currently in the final phases of adopting Camille, an eleven month old girl from the Philippines. She has lived in an orphanage all her life, and hopefully, in the next few months, she'll be in our arms for good. This is not only a major event in our lives, but it's also a major event in our family histories, since no one from either of our families has ever adopted.

As you can imagine, we are brimming with emotions right about now. So join us as we travel on this wonderful and blessed journey to happily ever after.