Saturday, April 11, 2009

Possible Breakthrough ...

For the past three weeks, we've been trying really, really hard and super-duper consistently to teach Camille to say "please". This has turned out to be a very frustrating task because until two days or so, she flat out refused to say "please". We're not sure if this was a language thing, a comprehension thing or what. We tried lots of different tricks. For example, we'd point to each kid one at at time and have them say "pleeeaaassseee". Then, we'd point to Camille hoping that she'd do the same. Nada. Sometimes even a shaking of her head as if to say, "No way, Jose!" We even bribed our kids, offering $1 to the one that could teach Camille to say "please". We even had to be kind of mean ... denying her whatever it was that she was asking for because she didn't say "please".

Well, today, we gave Lauren a dollar because Camille consistently said "please" when asked. She actually says, "eeaaasssee", ... but we think she gets the concept. We'll see if she continues this tomorrow and forever. We're crossing our fingers.

We also picked eggs at the local park and painted eggs at home. Today, she met Uncle Mel, and tomorrow, she'll meet lots more relatives while we celebrate Easter.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. one possible reason for her not comprehending would be that the kids rarely would be in a position to ask for things when at was ordered and provided for them. I remember asking Nicala what she wanted to eat for breakfast when we were with Deb and Darren one day and Deb reminded me that she would not be used to that at all and we would have to introduce her to the concept of giving preference for one thing over another or asking for things. 6 months on and she has well and truly mastered the art of asking and having preference!!! So saying please may not have been part of her natural vocab and life at she would not have choice nor a chance to ask for things out of the normal order of the day.