Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Months Since Gotcha Day

Today marks the two month anniversary of our Gotcha Day. Wow!

What an amazing two months it's been. It's hard to believe that it's only been two months because it seems like Camille's been with us for such a long time. In fact, the other day, Lauren said that she doesn't feel like Camille's adopted. According to Lauren, it feels like she's always been part of the family. Amazing to think that just 90 days ago (which seems like a lifetime), we were frustrated beyond belief, unsure of when we were going to travel, etc. I guess it's true that once the baby is in your home, you forget about all the grief you went through to get to that point.

We continue to pray for all the families out there waiting to adopt.

Two months down, and a lifetime to go.

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  1. Time goes by so fast! It's been a little over two months for us since we've been home with Jay-R. Our daughter said something similar-she said it's hard to remember life before Jay-R.